UCX Undercabinet Lighting - Multi-Pack
by Koncept

UCX Undercabinet Lighting - Multi-Pack by Koncept

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Product Overview

UCX Undercabinet Lighting - Multi-Pack

The UCX Undercabinet Lighting by Koncept offers a slim, minimalist under-cabinet light perfect for any office. No longer are you stuck with large, hot, boxy under-cabinet lighting - with its LED's, the UCX provides bright light and a temperature range from warm to cool all in a little, stylish body.

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in Touchstrip Sensor
  • 42 LED's
  • 8.5 watts Luminaire Energy Consumption
  • 50,000 Hours LED Rated Lifespan
  • Color Temperature 3,500K (warm), 4,500K (cool)
  • 10' Cord
  • 5-year Warranty

Environmental Considerations

Fully Recyclable Aluminum
  • Water-Based Paint
  • FSC Certified Packaging
  • LED's Do Not Contain Mercury
  • Low Power Consumption (<10 watts)
  • LEED Credit Eligibility
  • About Koncept Lighting

    Koncept was established in 2002 to design and develop innovative products for the home and business. Since then it's created a line of elegant LED lamps and lighting elements that have wow'd consumers and designers alike. It's lighting products have been awarded over 40 international awards and have been featured in numerous publications. There goal remains simple: design innovative products that set high standards in the industry and more importantly, make your life safer, simpler and greener.

    Product Dimensions

    Dimensions & Measurements

    Dimensions: 19.25" W