Sequel Return
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Sequel Return by BDi

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Product Overview

Sequel Return

Extend your work surface or create a convenient laptop work station with the sleek, compact BDI Sequel Return. Designed to complement the BDI Sequel Desk, this handsome piece, with a micro-etched, black tempered glass surface, comes with a convenient inner panel and you may order an optional outer panel. The inner panel functions to conceal wires and cables and offer direct access to wall outlets, whereas the outer back panel conceals cables if the desk is visible from the back when "floating" in a room.

This stylish modern desk completes any home office.

BDI® Sequel™ Return Desk

The SEQUEL RETURN provides additional workspace when used with the Desk or is a great laptop station standing alone. The Return ships with a front panel to conceal cables when placed against a wall. If the Return is floating in a room, then the Desk back panel can be used to conceal the back side or an additional back panel must be ordered if neither piece is against a wall.

This stylish modern desk completes any home office.

BDI History

In 1984, inspired by a vision of making great design available to everyone, Bill Becker started BDI (for Becker Designs Inc.) to develop and manufacture designs that would actually be accessible to large numbers of people. A quarter century later, BDI has become a force in contemporary home furnishings and an industry leader in home theater furniture engineered to accommodate today's complex electronics, and designed to seamlessly integrate technology into the home.

But Becker Designed Inc. makes more than just entertainment centers. BDI's collection of office furniture can be configured for any home or small office. Designed for ergonomics and organization, the Sequel Office Group is a versatile collection offering the ultimate in style, function and flexibility. Sequel can be arranged in myriad combinations to create a workspace customized for you. The BDI Eileen Leaning Shelf is engineered to rest securely against a wall and is a perfect space saver for home offices, alone or combined in groups, and features 5 glass smoked glass shelves for storage.

With its extensive range of tables, mirrors, shelving, storage systems, BDI offers a design solution with a collection of office furniture that can be configured to add function and style to the home office.

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