Setu Chair
by Herman Miller

Setu Chair by Herman Miller

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    Setu Chair

    The Setu Multipurpose Chair from Herman Miller is mathematics made magnificent. It's simplicity at its finest - that's what makes it so innovative. The Setu Chair won Interior Design magazine's Best of Year product award for its uncomplicated frame that focuses less on gadgetry and more on the comfort of the people who use it. It's lightweight, low-maintenance and, thus, completely versatile. The Setu Chair is the perfect balance of style and support, with features that include:

    • A one-piece seat and back made from Lyris 2 elastomeric material.
    • A Kinematic Spine.
    • Pneumatic height adjustability with a 5-star base.
    • Customizable color, arm and caster options.

    Setu is ideal for those who want a simple, comfortable and elegantly designed office chair - nothing more and nothing less.


    An Official Herman Miller Retailer

    Office Designs is proud to support Herman Miller as an official and authorized Herman Miller retailer. Our products come directly from the Herman Miller factory, which means they include the brand's 12-year warranty.


    Herman Miller's 12-Year Warranty

    All of our Herman Miller chairs, including the Setu Multipurpose design, come with a 12-year, 3-shift warranty that includes all mechanisms, electrical components, casters and more. This warranty is a guarantee that Herman Miller's products are made with the highest standards in mind. If your Setu Chair isn't up to these standards, Herman Miller will replace or repair it at no cost to you.

    For a full explanation, read the Herman Miller Warranty (PDF).


    Setu Chair Features

    The Setu Multipurpose Chair is made of finely tuned and expertly crafted materials for one reason: your comfort. The chair's limited adjustability, elastomeric seat, Kinematic Spine and straightforward design make it a good fit for anyone, anywhere. The best part? There are no unneeded gadgets, mechanisms or tilts. Setu is available in two base styles, with optional arms.

    One-Piece Elastomeric Back and Seat

    Designers crafted the gently curving one-piece back and seat out of Lyris 2, an elastomeric material that conforms to the natural shape of your body. The material is meant to be completely ergonomic - it distributes your weight evenly, follows your relaxed posture and provides airy breathability for a healthy back.

    Polypropylene Kinematic Spine

    The Kinematic Spine is Setu's hidden secret - it provides the perfect blend of balance and support, while flexing and bending for your comfort. The Kinematic Spine is made of polypropylene, which is what gives the spine ultimate control and support while allowing for flexibility.

    H-Alloy Aluminum Base

    Every material used in the chair was painstakingly chosen for its form and function, including the H-Alloy base material. The aluminum is durable, resistant to corrosion and eco-friendly. The Setu Chair has two base options: a 4-star swivel base and a 5-star base with casters.

    Pneumatic Height Adjustability (Optional)

    Setus with a 5-star base provide one extra function: the ability to raise and lower your seat. The pneumatic height adjustability is easy to use and provides added personalization to the simple design.

    Ribbon Arms (Optional)

    When choosing your Setu Chair, you have the option of adding ribbon arms. They're ergonomic and stylish, gently curving into the chair's design and adding extra comfort.

    Hardwood or Carpet Casters (Optional)

    The Setu features your choice of casters for hardwood or carpet. Casters also available in translucent option.


    About Studio 7.5

    The Setu Multipurpose Chair was created by a team of four designers in Berlin, Germany, called Studio 7.5. Claudia Plikat, Roland Zwick, Carola Zwick and Burkhard Schmitz were inspired to design something as innovative and eco-friendly as it was simple and lightweight.

    They created dozens of prototypes of the Setu Chair, thinking over every material, curve and contour in the design. The designers were inspired by nature and comfort - "Setu" comes from a yoga pose called Setu Bandhasana, which is meant to stretch and strengthen the back.


    About Herman Miller

    Herman Miller is one of the leading furniture designers in the world. Founded in 1923, the brand has been known since its beginning for its relationships with some of the most influential and iconic contemporary furniture designers of all time, including Charles and Ray Eames.

    In fact, since 1986, Herman Miller has ranked in the top 10 in Fortune Magazine's annual list of most-admired brands. Herman Miller is an office and residential furniture design pioneer, known for products that are as functional and well-engineered as they are stylish and chic.

    Product Dimensions

    Dimensions & Specifications

    Setu Multipurpose Chair Dimensions & Measurements

    4-Star Base

    • Overall Height: 36"
    • Overall Width: 25.125"
    • Seat Height: 18.5"
    • Seat Depth: 17.25"
    • Seat Width: 19"

    5-Star Base

    • Overall Height: 37.125"
    • Overall Width: 25.125"
    • Seat Height: 15.5" to 20"
    • Seat Depth: 17.25"
    • Seat Width: 19"